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Alemania 18/06/2024

SanLucar won the German Brand Award 2024 in two categories.

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The exemplary brand management was awarded due to the combination of top quality, a strong commitment to social and ecological projects and skillful staging at the point of sale. SanLucar has won the German Brand Award 2024 as Excellent Brand in the category “Fast Moving Consumer Goods” and a special mention in the category “Brand Innovation of the Year”. The German Brand Award was presented last week at a festive gala in the Uber Eats Music Hall in Berlin. 1300 brands from 19 countries applied to receive the coveted award. SanLucar was honored in two categories. The jury's reasoning: "SanLucar has succeeded in creating an emotional bond with its authentic brand message "Taste the SUN". With its consistent focus on naturalness, healthy enjoyment and sustainable production, SanLucar clearly stands out in the highly competitive market of fast-moving consumer goods. The combination of top quality, a strong commitment to social and ecological projects and skillful staging at the point of sale demonstrates exemplary brand management.


Exemplary brand management

Armin Rehberg, SanLucar CEO and Nuria Pizán, SanLucar Brand and Creative Director were in Berlin to receive the prize. “The German Brand Award shows and recognizes how much passion and creativity each one of us puts into the SanLucar brand. That's why this great award also goes to the entire team and to our partners,” says Rehberg. Nuria Pizán adds: “Whether it's an attractive POS, effective Disney collaborations, sports sponsorship or authentic social media posts on Facebook, Instagram and Tiktok - SanLucar is present in all areas and is consistently perceived by customers as a likeable and trustworthy brand. SanLucar's mission is: To provide everyone with the tastiest fruit and vegetables. And to do so in a way we can be proud of.” The “German Brand Award”, which has been presented since 2016, is a prestigious prize in the marketing industry and recognizes professionalism and creativity in brand management.


About SanLucar

SanLucar is a global company that is dedicated to bringing people natural joy of life and health in a way it can be proud of. Offering a variety of more than 100 delicious fruits and vegetables from more than 35 countries, SanLucar is the brand with the broadest top-quality assortment in the retail market in Germany, Austria, The Netherlands, Poland, Belgium, Sweden, The Middle East, and Canada. The portfolio also includes smoothies, flowers and plants, olive oil and ice cream. SanLucar, founded in 1993 by Stephan Rötzer, is headquartered in Valencia (Spain) with over 4,000 employees in Germany, Austria, Benelux, Italy, Spain, Ecuador, Dubai, South Africa, Morocco, and Tunisia, both in its office branches and on its own farms. The philosophy "Taste in harmony with people and nature" is the foundation for all actions of SanLucar as well as the basis for many social and sustainable projects.


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