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Tanzania 04/04/2024

Over 50% growth for avocado exports

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Tanzania is Africa's 3rd largest avocado producer, after Kenya and South Africa. Export volumes are rising steadily. 
Local media report that, according to official statistics, avocado exports for the 2022/23 season reached 26,826 tonnes and generated USD 77 million.
This represents a 51.47% increase in volume (17,711 tonnes in 2021/22) and a 50.98% increase in value (51 million USD in 2021/22) compared to the previous year.
This result is well above the estimates made by TAHA (Tanzania Horticultural Association), which had forecast exports of just 15,000 tonnes and revenues of 45 million USD.
source : thecitizen.co.tz
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Avocado exports for the 2022/23 season reached 26,826 tons and generated 77 million USD (Photo: foodforafrika.com).
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