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Grecia 14/02/2024

Christina Manossis shares about environmental sustainability and growth in Greece's kiwi industry

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Recently, Fructidor had an opportunity to speak with Christina Manossis, the General Director at Zeus Kiwi, one of the largest kiwifruit producers in Greece and Europe. In this interview, we chat about the company’s commitment to environmental sustainability and innovation; obtaining a zero-waste certification, as well as initiatives for further improving sustainability in its operations. Additionally, Ms. Manossis sheds light on the current challenges facing the kiwi industry, particularly in Greece, and shares Zeus Kiwi's plans for future growth and development. 


Fructidor: Christina, could you share more about the recent achievement of obtaining a zero-waste certification in Greece?

Christina Manossis: Yes, indeed, Zeus Kiwi has obtained a zero-waste certification this year, with an impressive 95.22% reduction in landfill waste. This achievement signifies our commitment to environmental sustainability and responsible business practices. We are proud to be the first agricultural company in Greece to receive this certification, demonstrating our dedication to minimizing our ecological impact.

Fructidor: Can you elaborate on how Zeus Kiwi plans to further improve environmental sustainability in its operations?

Christina Manossis: Environmental sustainability is ingrained in our company's ethos. Our investment in yellow kiwi production sites in Greece, part of the Kikoka consortium, is a testament to our commitment to sustainable agriculture. By expanding our production capabilities and investing in innovative technologies, such as cold rooms and sorting machines, we aim to reduce waste further and improve efficiency in our operations.

Fructidor: Could you provide insights into the current challenges facing the kiwi industry, particularly in Greece?

Christina Manossis: This year, we have faced challenges in kiwi production due to a mild winter in Greece, resulting in a decrease of 25-30%. Despite these challenges, Zeus Kiwi has maintained a strong position in the market, with prices remaining stable and demand remaining high. While the overall quality of kiwifruits may have been impacted by heavy rains during the harvest period, we continue to prioritize delivering high-quality products to our customers.

Fructidor: Lastly, can you share any plans or initiatives that Zeus Kiwi has in store for the future?

Christina Manossis: Moving forward, Zeus Kiwi remains committed to driving innovation and growth in the kiwi industry. We are exploring new markets, such as Brazil, and investing in expanding our production capabilities to meet growing demand. Additionally, we are continuously evaluating and implementing sustainable practices across our operations to ensure a positive impact on the environment and the communities we serve.

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Photo: Christina Manossis, the General Director at Zeus Kiwi, during the interview with Fructidor at Fruit Logistica Berlin 2024.
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