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Grecia 06/12/2023

Jingold Greece emerges as growing force in kiwi production

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In a journey that began just two years ago, Jingold Greece is rapidly making its mark in the kiwi industry with plans to become a leader in producing and exporting yellow and green kiwifruit. The company recently celebrated its first successful harvest of kiwis grown in Greece. For now, Jingold Greece boasts a total production area close to 150 hectares dedicated to cultivating kiwi. 
The company prides itself on cultivating diverse kiwi varieties, including Jintao, Jinyan, Oriental Red, and Boerica. According to Kostantinos Chondroudis, General Manager of Jingold Greece, the first harvest has yielded promising results, with calibers mainly centered around 25 and 27. The initial harvest has exceeded expectations, indicating promising future results with high yields and quality that will satisfy Jingold's strict standards. 
“In an effort to strengthen its position in the market, Jingold Greece has collaborated with several packing houses across kiwi production areas, including Kavala, Katerini, Pyrgetos, Agrinio, and Imathia. The strategic collaborations with these concessionaires ensure a comprehensive and efficient supply chain, further solidifying Jingold Greece's presence in the industry”, says the General Director.
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Jingold Greece recently celebrated its first successful harvest of kiwis grown in Greece.
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