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Países Bajos 28/08/2023

Decrease energy consumption in your ripening rooms by 70%

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Interko, a globally renowned expert in the design, manufacturing, and installation of innovative ripening rooms, unveils Ripe Pilot, its latest offering. Ripe Pilot is a cutting-edge ripening control system enriched with a fail-safe mode—a sensor-based program empowering operators to elevate their ripening process monitoring, automation, and tracing. Notably, the retrofit option incorporates pioneering fans designed for meticulous tracking and control, promising substantial reductions in energy consumption within your ripening spaces.
Chris Maat, the Managing Director at Interko, shared that their trials at a facility in Germany were successful. Both the client and themselves were astounded by the results. Through Retrofit employment, they effectively achieved similar differential pressure, culminating in an astounding 70% drop in energy consumption. Given the persistently elevated electricity costs, the return on investment in this scenario is remarkably swift, commented Mr. Maat. 

Read the case study here.


Mr. Maat clarified that Ripe Pilot seamlessly integrates with most existing global ripening systems. Hence, with minor adjustments to the current ripening infrastructure, substantial electricity savings can be harnessed. A complete ripening room overhaul is optional. Each installation undergoes meticulous assessment, guiding us in offering the necessary upgrade suggestions.
Interko integrates Ripe Pilot into all new global installations, while the Retrofit option is exclusively open to European customers.
Interko has devoted recent years to enhancing efficiency and curbing raw material usage, thus fostering cost reductions for its clients. The company recently launched REVERSO 2.0 fans, boasting a 20% decrease in operational costs for ripeners.
Interko is adept at installing state-of-the-art ripening rooms equipped with the latest innovations, catering to retailers, wholesalers, distributors, and importers across Asia and the world. Their ripening rooms enhance product quality and shelf life and deliver operational cost savings and reduced energy consumption, outperforming competitors.

Interko offers four ripening rooms:

.AXESSO enables the extraction of a single pallet at any point during ripening;

.ULTIMO is designed for large-scale ripening operations, accommodating up to 90 pallets per cycle;

.OPTIMO features four distinct ripening zones, offering unparalleled flexibility at an accessible price point;

.MOBILO delivers adaptable ripening capabilities in containerized form, virtually anywhere.

These ripening rooms empower customers to ripen bananas, avocados, tomatoes, pears, mangoes, papayas, apricots, peaches, and kiwifruit.

Interko will participate in Asia Fruit Logistica (6-8 September, Asia World Expo, Hong Kong). For discussions regarding Retrofit, Ripe Pilot, ripening requirements, new installations, or upgrades, schedule a meeting with Interko by sending an inquiry. See the calendar here.

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ULTIMO ripening room was designed by Interko for large-scale ripening operations, accommodating up to 90 pallets per cycle.
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