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Colombia 28/09/2021

South American avocado supplier launches European marketing and distribution arm

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Green SuperFood (GSF), a producer and exporter of premium and sustainable fruits and one of the largest Hass avocado producers in Brazil and Colombia, has announced about the creation of Farmers Home Europe, its new European marketing and distribution arm, which will be launched officially at Fruit Attraction at Stand 6F03A in Hall 6.


Operating as the European office for GSF’s Latin American producers, Farmers Home Europe will directly supply Hass avocados to importers and retailers in Europe, Russia and the UK throughout the year. 


Farmers Home Europe will reiterate the GSF’s direct sales channel in the Americas, through which fruit is shipped and commercialized in Brazil, Argentina and Colombia.


With the support of a team based in the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain, Farmers Home Europe will be in charge of supporting GSF customers and expanding wholesale, retail, and foodservice sales around EU, eastern Europe, the UK and Russia. 


Farmers Home Europe provided more flexible logistics service for local customers so they could receive fruit at their nearest port or local distribution platform. The company also has chosen certain local partners with whom it can become more integrated, minimise costs and rationalize the supply chain.


According to Baptiste Kervyn, Green SuperFood Colombia CEO, Green SuperFood is a vertically-integrated producer of Hass avocados in Brazil and Colombia that expects to achieve 1.800 hectares of production by 2023. Kervyn stated that the company posseses its own nurseries that focus on the research and innovation of sustainable plants from clonal seeds.


According to the CEO, the establishment of Farmers Home Europe will add value to their overall proposition thanks to the addition of other products such as limes, their proprietary AvoInfusion tea made of dehydrated natural fruit. In the near future the company will launch avocado purée, guacamole and oil. 


GSF’s fruit is grown in compliance with the strictest food safety and global quality standards, such as GlobalGAP and BRCS, and under responsible and regenerative methods utilizing the latest technology. A year round supply was achieved thanks to complementary production in Brazil and Colombia.


Kervyn highlighted that GSF is a planet-friendly organization that takes pride in all the positive social impacts that they have on their local communities and the ecosystems with which they interact. With this in mind, they see that their customers with the same strong environmental and sustainable credentials will be their partners well into the future.


Green SuperFood and Farmers Home Europe will exhibit together at Fruit Attraction on 5-7 October, in Madrid, Spain. This year’s edition marks the second year of Green SuperFood’s participation.


At Fruit Attraction, Farmers Home Europe aims to introduce to the produce trade its new company, and to reveal its new transparent sales and marketing concept, which will provide great support to their customers in Europe. The group also would like to spread awareness of the latest technological developments that it is pursuing in partnership with tech companies from South America, such as Avocai, a harvest forecasting mobile application.


Green SuperFood invites the press, existing and potential buyers to participate in a virtual tour of the company’s production sites, nurseries and packhouses, and to see the company’s new branded packaging design. Moreover, visitors can test GSF’s new avocado leaf tea - AvoInfusion. Journalists are invited to interview the Farmers Home Europe team and Baptiste Kervyn.


For more information about Green Superfood, see the webpage





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Farmers Home Europe will reiterate the GSF’s direct sales channel in the Americas, through which fruit is shipped and commercialized in Brazil, Argentina and Colombia.
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