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Grecia 23/09/2021

The year promises to be positive for Greek kiwis

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With a higher production volume than the previous year, good fruit quality and a satisfactory price driven by growing demand on international markets.
According to Greek professionals whose media AgroTypos reports, this year seems to be a good year for kiwis. Higher volumes, good quality and a positive outlook for exports.
According to Mr. Zisis Manosis, President of Zeus Kiwi, the year is shaping up to be very good. Across the country, production will be higher than last year, due to the arrival in production of new plantations. The quality is considered good, only the sizes should be smaller this year because of the high summer temperatures which affected the fruits.
In Greece the Hayward variety is the most common variety of kiwifruit. A law sets the start date of harvest for the whole country on October 15 and the start of the marketing season for the domestic market on November 1. Strict maturity standards must be met such as 6.2 ° Brix and an average dry matter content of 15%. 
Varieties that mature before the Hayward variety, such as Sorelli, Green Light and Tsechelidis, generate much lower volumes but must also meet appropriate ripening characteristics. But this year in some regions illegal harvests are being carried out. These early harvests could discredit the Greek kiwifruit in foreign markets and thus jeopardize future exports.
This year the outlook on international markets is positive for the Greek kiwifruit. Declining production in some countries such as Italy and demand from international markets, which should continue to grow, lead us to believe that prices will be satisfactory.
source : agrotypos.gr
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Happy New Year ahead for the Greek kiwifruit with increasing production and growing demand in international markets (Photo: ypaithros.gr).
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