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Todos los paises 02/07/2021

Expected increase of + 8.4% in value for world trade in fruit and vegetables

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Despite the disruption of global supply chains due to the pandemic, trade in agricultural products has grown and is even expected to reach a record in 2021. FAO forecasts an increase in value of + 12% for all agricultural products and + 8.4% for Fruits & Vegetables.
FAO (Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) in its recent report 'Food Outlook / Global Market Analysis' estimates that trade in agricultural products, despite the pandemic, has increased in 2020 and is even expected to reach a record in 2021.
The report predicts that agricultural trade in 2021 will reach $1.715 trillion, an increase of approximately $185 billion and + 12% compared to 2020. This expected amount would be a new record for world trade in agricultural products.
All food product categories are expected to increase in value in 2021, including cereals (+ $38 billion), oils (+ $33 billion), oilseeds (+ $32 billion) and fruits and vegetables (+ $24 billion).
According to the report, world trade in 2021 is expected to reach $248 billion for the 'Cereals' category and $177 billion for the 'Meat' category. But the highest forecast amount comes from the 'Fruits and Vegetables' category which is expected to reach $321 billion, an increase of + 8.4% compared to 2020 which posted $297 billion .
The anticipated amount of $321 billion for 2021 should break down, according to the report, into $225 billion for developed countries and $96 billion for developing countries.
source : fao.org 
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FAO publishes the 'Food Outlook' report twice a year, which provides a detailed assessment of market demand and supply trends for the world's major foodstuffs.
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