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Filipinas 12/05/2021

Philippines records decline in volume and value of banana exports

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In the Philippines, 2020 was not a good year for banana exports with a decline in volume (-18.35%) and value (-20.6%). This downward trend was accentuated at the start of 2021.
According to PSA (Philippine Statistics Authority) banana exports for January 2021 totaled 186,419,019 tonnes, or -51% compared to January 2020. This export volume, according to PSA is the lowest recorded since 2006 for the month of January.
In value, PSA data indicates an amount of $84.659 million, or -47% compared to January 2020.
Regarding destinations, Japan remained the 1st destination in terms of value with $32.372 million (-39.7% compared to January 2020). China was the 1st market in terms of volume with 71,386.846 tonnes (-32%). To South Korea, banana exports totaled 23,269.464 tonnes (-51%), to Saudi Arabia 10,564.715 tonnes (-61%).
For this year the export prospects would not be promising according to PBGEA (Pilipino Banana Growers and Exporters Association). According to the association, it is necessary to rehabilitate the production areas severely affected by diseases in order to once again increase the volumes produced and then regain the market shares lost on international markets.
In 2020 the Philippines produced 9.056 million tonnes of bananas, the lowest level in 3 years. Exports totaled 3.595 million tonnes (-18.35% compared to 2019) and a turnover of $1.552 billion (-20.6%).

source : businessmirror.com.ph

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Last year, due to low production, exports declined in volume and value, for the start of 2021 the trend seems to be increasing (Photo: philstar.com).
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