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Todos los paises 01/04/2023

Dispute Resolution without front payment

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Fructidor.com in cooperation with lawyers in 145 different countries proposes an additional service to Fresh produce Importers, Exporters worldwide.


Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) is the procedure for settling disputes without going to court. In previous years, it has been more and more common to use Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to solve trade disputes.


Professionals prefer this action for many reasons:

                  - Costs are lower,

                  - Quicker than long judicial procedures

                  - Efficient as it also enables parties to keep a trade relation alive, once agreement has been reached.


Fructidor.com Dispute Resolution department is performing ADR actions on the behalf of client via mediation and/or negotiation.

You do not pay if we do not succeed !
Engaged in Fruit / Veg market since 1935, Fructidor.com understands well the several problems faced by fresh produce traders worldwide.
As a consequence, a very unique policy has been set up: TheNo success - No feespolicy.
The service provider will not charge any euro/ dollar if they cannot solve the dispute and recover any money or counterpart. In addition, no front payment is required. This will enable any fresh produce professional to defend its positions.
Fructidor.com will resolve a dispute with any contracting party, which violated the terms and conditions of the contract, transferred a defective product or failed to pay for services, regardless of location.
   - if the party fails to pay partly or in full.
   - if you made pre-payment, but produce has not been received.
   - if produce received were not in good conditions.
   - if terms and conditions of the contract have been violated.
   - if breached contract is less than 3 years old.
   - if debt amount is over US$ 8,000 (7.500 €).
Fructidor.com is an efficient solution to get your money back and solved your dispute within a short period of time.
Christophe Durrieu
+33 680 38 14 46
Become Gold

Dispute Resolution for fresh produce market with a “No success - No fees” policy ! A unique promess: “If we cannot get your money back, you do not pay!”
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