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Países Bajos 06/07/2020

Easy peeler variety Nova is on the way from South Africa to the Netherlands

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In a few weeks, OTC Organics, distributor of organic fruit and vegetables, will start the citrus season. The easy peeler variety Nova from SOGA Organic grower (South Africa) have already been harvested and packed, and are expected in their warehouse in Poeldijk in The Netherlands, mid-July. The company is looking forward to receiving fruit as never before they had this variety in its range.


About SOGA Organic

The Nova variety cultivates for OTC Organics by SOGA, the Sundays Organic Growers Association that formed together by four organic citrus farmers. Each of them is farming on their own farms in South Africa, cooperating with each other in research, logistics, packing and marketing to grow and supply citrus fruits to their customers around the world.


Marius Jurgens, Production Director at SOGA Organic, said: “I try to follow in the footsteps of my great-grandfather and his father in producing strong, healthy fruit in a natural way. We are building the soil so that my children and their children can still farm here. Organic farming is all about sustainability.”


About Nova variety

The Nova also known as a Clemenvilla mandarin with the taste and color closer to Nadorcott than Clementine. After Nova, the company expects Nadorcotts from their grower Groenheuwel and later on SRCC (Sundays River Citrus Company). The fruits are packed in 15 kg boxes and also can be repackaged as desired. OTC Organics uses their latest acquisition for fruit packaging: an organic packing line that has been operational since the end of May.


For more information:


Bart van der Vliet

Sales & Marketing Manager



Cornelis Ernst

Purchase Manager




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Nova mandarine is on the way to the Netherlands
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