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Todos los paises 12/05/2020

COVID-19 Impact Assessment released by Freshfel Europe for European fresh fruit & vegetable sector

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Freshfel Europe is the European Fresh Produce Association, representing the interests of the fresh fruit and vegetables supply chain in Europe and beyond. On 6 May 2020 they released “COVID-19 Impact Assessment” of the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic for the EU fresh fruit and vegetable sector. It has 88 pages, describes the consequences of the pandemic on the sector, including recommendations for policy-makers for each stage of the supply chain as well as for the fruit and vegetables sector as a whole.


The report provides an in-depth analysis the pandemic has had on the European fresh fruit and vegetable sector until the beginning of May and describes what effects this may have in the short, medium and long term for the supply of fresh products to consumers. The Impact Assessment analyses the effects of COVID-19 on each stage of the supply chain (production, wholesale, intra-EU trade, EU exports, imports into the EU and retail) over the last few months.


The complete Freshfel Europe’s COVID-19 Impact Assessment can be download here


For more information, visit the association webiste



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COVID-19 Impact Assessment
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