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Países Bajos 03/03/2020

“Biggest part of pear crop is sold, Conference pears to be available till July”

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Shares grower of pears and apples from the Netherlands Kees Oskam, trading Company Jan Oskam BV. Started in the early 1950s as a one-men company, today family business specializes on import and export vegetables, fruits and citrus products, but mainly concentrates on growing and exporting pear and apple varieties.  The company has modern ULO-coldstoring equipment, packing-& calibrating-lines and refrigeration transport facilities.

The company is targeting the Middle East, Northern and Eastern Europe and already sells pears all over Europe. “Pear season runs very well,” – explains Kees Oskam. “Biggest part of the varieties are finished. For some 2 or 3 weeks we will have some Lukas and Decana de Comice. Conference pears will be available till the end of July.”

The company offers different packaging and believes that consumers should take their responsibility for waste. Kees Oskam adds that recently they have added a new Quality manager to the Quality Staff and for the Branche-office in Neerijnen they added a new Office Manager to the team. Soon the company plans to change computer system and will move to “Fruit-Stocks”.

Elstar is their most popular variety of apples according to Mr. Oskam. The company also grows Red Prince  Gala Schniga , Red Boskoop and Wellant. “Within 3 months we will plant a brand-new variety called “Bonita”. It is a scarb-resistant variety; that means that there will be less sprayings with chemical protections necessary for growing a nice, healthy and sustainable apple.” Bonita is hybrid of Cripps Pink and Topaz variety. Red apple with orange and cream-colored touches is slightly acidic, has juicy and crunchy bite.

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From left to right: Marco Beshay (sales), Erik Oskam (sales) and Kees Oskam (General Director)
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