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Todos los paises 19/02/2020

Thermal Tech has Added New TarpLessⓇ Video-testimonial

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US based Thermal Technologies, one of the global leaders in produce ripening room design and construction, has added new TarpLess Video-testimonial. The video takes only five minutes and can be viewed on the Information Center page of their website at www.thermaltechnologies.com.

New video-testimonial named The TarpLess Advantage features key individuals from across the produce industry discussing how the TarpLess ripening room has positively influenced their operations. Former Director of Quality Control for Walmart and Sam’s Club, Gary Campisi, speaks about how TarpLess  ripening rooms took the business from ripening 7,000 cases a week in just over 20 years to over 45 million cases annually.

Director of Ripening and Logistics for Dole Food Company, Damon Eccleston, discusses how TarpLess ripening rooms benefit their distribution facilities across the country. Tom Arends, General Manager of Mission Produce in Vineland, based in New Jersey, USA explains how smoothly the rooms work with their avocado ripening programs. Dennis Kilstadius, one of the most influential thought leaders in the industry, also discusses the importance of quality, color and uniformity at retail and how TarpLess ripening rooms help his customers grow their businesses by displaying the best possible products.

Video-testimonial provides firsthand accounts of why leading retailers, wholesalers and growers put their trust in TarpLess ripening rooms, and deliver compelling testimony to the quality, service and support Thermal Tech provides to every one of their customers before, during and after installation.

For more information about Thermal Technologies, TarpLess ripening rooms follow www.thermaltechnologies.com. This and other video-testimonials can be seen on the Information Center page.


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Caption: Damon Eccleston, Director of Ripening and Logistics for Dole Food Company, discusses Thermal Tech’s commitment to service and support in the video: The TarpLessⓇ Advantage.
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