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Mexico 03/02/2020

The official opening of warehouse for blueberries by Berry Lovers

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Last January 24th Berry Lovers celebrated the official opening of its warehouse for the selection, grading, and packing of blueberries!  

After four years of commitment, dedication and hard work they have managed to create a warehouse with impressive facilities and especially with the best technology. They are located in Jalisco State, Mexico.

The warehouse owns the BBC Technologies Machine, which is considered the best tool for grading, and selecting blueberries by the size, color, and firmness allowing Berry Lovers to offer outstanding quality to customers.

It also has refrigerated rooms that lower the temperature of the product to keep them healthy and fresh. 

The team received more than one hundred people, including partners, families and suppliers to observe the process and handling of blueberries and show the  facilities.

About Company
Produce Lovers has evolved from a distribution and marketing operation of freshproduce from independent growers to become a grower itself.
They grow and market blueberries, limes and bell peppers in Mexico with high quality and food safety standards. In addition to that, they market blackberries from carefully selected independent growers.

Contact Details:
Sofia Lopez

BBC Technologies


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The official opening of warehouse by Berry Lovers
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