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Francia 19/07/2019

New office elected at the General Assembly of Saint Charles Export

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The 13th Saint-Charles Export's General Assembly has just taken place at the beginning of the summer period, as traditionally.
This General Assembly allowed the members of the Group (Financial Institutions, Professional Associations and Associations, Territorial Communities, Consular Chambers) to discuss current issues of the platform and fruit and vegetables, transport and logistics. All the participants were able to share their visions, solutions and hopes for the different topics of the current events.
Files that are added to the "export" actions carried by the group for many years, whether it is the participation of Saint-Charles Export in the main trade shows of fruits and vegetables, transport and logistics, or the organization receptions of international buyers within the member companies themselves.
This 13th General Assembly was also elective. Julien BATLLE has been confirmed in his position as President for 2019 and 2020. Recognized for the trust he has been shown for this 3rd term, he wished to thank and express his gratitude to all participants. He also confirmed the continuation and development of the strategy and the objectives set as soon as the grouping was formed in 2007, namely: "The implementation of concrete and effective actions for the benefit of the companies of the group, oriented towards the markets" "in a spirit of economic competitiveness and territorial attractiveness".
The other members of the Bureau were also confirmed at their positions, namely:
-Vice-president: Mr. Henri RIBES (SNIFL - Saint-Charles)
-Treasurer: Mr. Laurent MEDINA (Union of Carriers - FNTR-FNTV 66)
-The position of Secretary having been assigned to COOP DE FRANCE OCCITANIE who will soon designate his representative
-President: Mr Julien BATLLE (SPEFL 66).



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Julien Batlle has been confirmed as President for 2019 and 2020 (Photo: Saint Charles International).
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