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Israel 20/02/2019

How advanced cold chain monitoring solution can improve ROI?

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              Improper temperature control is the key reason why food or other perishable cargo are spoiled or wasted in the supply chain. The customers want and expect  products that are safe to eat, so this puts an added pressure on buyers, importers and distributors to assure a quality at each stage of the process: from the field to the point of sale. And to bring that product to market, companies require technologically advanced distribution chains.


              Smart companies understand the value of intelligent and reliable cold chain monitoring of the global fresh produce supply.


             Xsense® cold chain monitoring (CCM) technology has been developed by BT9, an Israel-based end-to-end cold chain monitoring solution provider, and successfully presented in Berlin, Fruit Logistica trade show. Companies from 93 countries and of all sizes (large as well as small-medium companies) are already enjoying the holistic approach to cold chain monitoring which helps reduce food waste, streamline logistics, and improve profitability. Rob Williams, the Director of BT9-tech concludes:


               “We constantly improve our hardware and service offering and now we observe a growing number of customers in different markets, especially in Asia region, China and Eastern Europe”


               The automated analytics generated by the BT9 Xsense system, in tandem with BT9’s consulting services, provide customers with the tools they need to identify chronic cold chain bottlenecks and take corrective actions to reduce waste and improve quality, overall performance, and profitability.


              Xsense proactively monitors, analyzes, and disseminates relevant data and insights on how to manage products throughout the entire cold chain, enabling all stakeholders in the cold supply chain to have full transparency and control over their perishables at any given time.


              “Our software is equipped with many features and benefits, because of the power of our platform. We also have a mobile application with a lot of functionality. Data analytics is valuable and visible also on the web site as on the mobile phone. So the user can do many things from his smartphone, having access to the data 24/7 Anytime and Anywhere!

               Our system is focused on being fast and effective while giving the benefits of wireless. This is a nice step-up from other companies, proposing manual data loggers, which need to be manually recorded or uploaded at the end of every shipment. This leads to human errors, especially when a large amount of monitored items are being processed at the same time. So with our CCM innovative solution is now possible to provide constant monitoring of products in real-time and to receive alerts which enable immediate corrective actions, dramatically reducing wastage and minimizing quality & food safety risks. And all this at a similar cost!”- explains Rob Williams.


For more information:


BT9 Ltd.








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Xsense cold chain monitoring solutions presented in Berlin Fruit Logistica by BT9
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