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Estados Unidos de América 02/01/2019

One of the largest processors of frozen potato products in North America installs new Eco steam peelers

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Cavendish Farms has existing solutions supplied by TOMRA at their processing facilities in New Annan, Prince Edward Island and Jamestown, North Dakota. The new production facility will include the latest steam peeling technology from TOMRA.

By using TOMRA’s Eco steam peelers Cavendish Farms is looking for new ways to reduce carbon footprint and increase processing efficiency: “At Cavendish Farms, we pride ourselves on high quality products and exceeding our customers’ expectations. We are a family food company that puts pride, dedication and a whole lot of know-how into everything we grow, and everything we make. By partnering with TOMRA Food, we expect to achieve significant savings in energy costs and raw materials to produce the highest quality frozen potato products”, - explains Andrew Macleod, Lethbridge Project Lead at Cavendish Farms.

Eamonn Cullen, market unit manager peeling at TOMRA Food shares that steam peeling has for a long time been the most efficient method of removing skin from the surface of vegetables and adds that “TOMRA’s Eco steam peeler is not only the fastest steam peeler; it is also the most efficient in the industry, using 28 per cent less steam than other peelers of its type.”

Eamonn continues: “We were the first to introduce high pressure steam peeling to the vegetable processing industry and we continue to invent technologies to improve steam peeling performance. The Eco steam peeler enables processors to reduce the energy consumed in the process to levels not seen in the industry before.”

For more information about Cavendish Farms: https://cavendishfarms.com/en/
For more information about TOMRA Food: www.tomra.com/food

For contact:
Roberto Ricci
GM & VP Europe
+39 335 1224955

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TOMRA’s Eco steam peelers on Cavendish Farms
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