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Inglaterra 18/12/2018

Morrisons offers 1 kg of F & V for £ 1

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In Great Britain, the Morrisons distribution group is launching under the name "Too Good to Waste" a box containing 1 kg of Fruits & Vegetables for £ 1 (1.12 euros / 1.26 USD).
These boxes "Too Good to Waste" are filled with products from the store, unsold products that would have been discarded. Each product is controlled by the F & V department to ensure it is always of good quality. This operation was launched in 400 Morrisons stores.
Drew Kirk, Director of Fruits & Vegetables at Morrisons, said, "We've been listening to our customers who are increasingly sensitive to food waste, so we've created these boxes and we'll fill them every day with a wide selection of risky products to be thrown away. "
Morrissons stores offer their customers a wide variety of products, nearly 75 varieties of fruit, nearly 80 kinds of vegetables and 50 kinds of salads.

source : metro co uk, manchestereveningnews.co.uk, inews.co.uk  





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Products less beautiful than the first day of their arrival at the F & V department but perfectly good to eat.
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