08/05/2024 | Estados Unidos de América

"The Apeel Leverage" to revolutionize fresh produce supply chain

Apeel Sciences, an innovator in the fresh produce industry, introduces "The Apeel Leverage," a new initiative designed to enhance supply chain efficiency and expand market reach.
With its advanced plant-based technology, Apeel aims to improve operational efficiencies, optimize product quality, and bolster retail performance. The campaign begins with its first pillar, "Expand Offerings with Confidence."
Denise Junqueiro, Vice President of Commercial & Marketing at Apeel Sciences, emphasized that they have listened to their customers and designed their innovations to integrate smoothly into existing operations while adding substantial value. Junqueiro added that 'The Apeel Leverage' will strengthen supply chains in a sustainable manner, providing tools that minimize shrinkage and prolong freshness, especially for challenging markets.
Expand offerings with confidence
Apeel's technology allows suppliers to confidently harvest fruits and vegetables at peak quality and flavor, ensuring the produce maintains its firmness throughout the distribution process. This technology helps suppliers and retailers consistently deliver superior products while significantly reducing spoilage and waste. As a result, they can optimize their supply chains while meeting market demands.
Denise Junqueiro further added that their objective is to help supply chains adopt sustainable practices without increasing costs. Partnering with Apeel provides cost savings while enhancing sustainability initiatives. "We aim to offer solutions that benefit our partners and positively impact the agricultural sector and the environment."
This pillar forms the foundation of "The Apeel Leverage" campaign, with additional focuses to be revealed soon. Each component targets specific challenges in the fresh produce supply chain, allowing partners to leverage cutting-edge technology for significant results.
About Apeel
Apeel Sciences is committed to a sustainable global food system by harnessing the power of materials and data sciences. Their plant-based protection prolongs produce freshness, reducing spoilage and providing superior quality. This protection is now available across various markets and categories. Apeel is also integrating data tools to help farmers and retailers maximize the benefits of longer-lasting produce.
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