25/04/2024 | Vietnam

Vietnamese bananas are now China's No. 1 banana import

Over the January-February 2024 period, the volume of bananas exported by Vietnam to the Chinese market rose by +21% to 173,500 tonnes
Local media report that statistics from China's General Administration of Customs show that over the January-February 2024 period, China imported 336,900 tonnes of bananas, up +6.1% on January-February 2023.
Bananas from Vietnam accounted for 173,500 tonnes, or 51.5% of the total volume of bananas imported by China over this period, according to the Department of Imports and Exports of the Ministry of Industry and Commerce. 
Vietnam overtook the Philippines to become the No. 1 supplier of bananas to the Chinese market. China had reduced its imports from the Philippines, due to lower production, which contributed to higher costs and caused a significant price differential with Vietnamese bananas.
source : english.vov.vn
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