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Overview of Spanish household consumption of fruit and veg in 2023

In 2023, in Spain, household consumption of fresh fruits and veg, particularly up to November, reached 6.319 billion kilograms, marking a slight 1.3% decline compared to the same period in 2022. This translates to an annual per capita consumption of 145 kilograms.

According to the latest data from the Ministry of Agriculture's Food Consumption Panel, from January to November 2023, fruit consumption in Spanish households totaled 3.415 billion kilograms, showing a 1.6% dip from the same months in 2022. Among the most favored fruits, orange consumption saw a notable drop of 14% to 493 million kilograms, while apple consumption decreased by 3.3% to 354 million kilograms. On the contrary, banana consumption witnessed a 13% surge, reaching 560 million kilograms.

Vegetable consumption amounted to 2.123 billion kilograms, experiencing a slight 1.3% decrease. The most consumed vegetables faced declines: tomatoes dropped by 1.6% to 492 million kilograms, bell peppers by 3.5% to 174 million kilograms, and lettuces and cabbages by 2% to 152 million kilograms. However, onion consumption saw a rise of 3.3% to 259 million kilograms. Potato demand remained stable in households, standing at 781 million kilograms, nearly identical to the previous year's 780 million kilograms.

During the January to November 2023 period, per capita consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables stood at 145 kilograms, down from 150 kilograms during the same months in 2022.

Expenditure amounted to 12.815 billion euros, reflecting a 6.4% increase compared to the same period in 2022. Of this, 6.964 billion euros were spent on fruits (+3.6%), 4.961 billion euros on vegetables (+9.8%), and 890 million euros on potatoes (+17%).




source: fepex.es

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