08/03/2024 | EspaƱa

SEKOYA® Field & Forum now comes to Sevilla!

On March 12, 2024, SEKOYA® Fruit Corporation will host a unique event, the SEKOYA® Field & Forum in Sevilla, Spain.


Tailored for retail buyers and category managers, the event will delve into the latest trends and innovations in the blueberry sector.


Participants can join an exclusive field tour and a blind tasting session to gain firsthand experience and compare SEKOYA® Varieties with industry standards.


Another forum’s highlight will be SEKOYA® LIVIE™ Quality Assurance system, which proves the company's commitment to providing a consistent eating experience with high-quality blueberries.

The occasion will offer a platform for participants to establish connections with SEKOYA® Members, each with the ability to independently and directly supply blueberries via the SEKOYA® B2B Network.

About SEKOYA® 

SEKOYA® stands out as a specialized B2B platform that provides the distinctive LIVIE™ Eating Experience. Its mission is to offer crunchy, long-lasting, and delicious blueberries. Facilitated through a semi-exclusive network, its platform comprises 14 skilled licensee members, including growers and marketers. These members are strategically aligned to execute 52-week per year supply programs. This ensures the consistent delivery of specified volumes to all major markets, solidifying SEKOYA®'s commitment to quality and reliability in the blueberry industry.

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