01/02/2024 | Estados Unidos de América

Forecast variation of -12.24% for the avocado harvest in California

Some very early harvests have already taken place, and volumes will increase considerably in March and April. Maximum availability is expected from May to July.
The California Avocado Commission (CAC) has revealed that its harvest forecast for the 2023-24 season is 208 million pounds (94,347,212 kg), down 12.24% from 237 million pounds (107,501,391 kg) the previous season.
However, weather conditions could encourage some growers to delay picking to allow the fruit to expand, which would then lead to an increase in the volumes harvested.
The vast majority (196 million pounds = 88,904,104 kg) of the Californian avocado crop will be Hass quality. The other varieties harvested will be : Lamb Hass with 6 million pounds (2,721,554 kg), GEM with 5 million pounds (2,267,961 kg) and various varieties with 1 million pounds (453,592 kg).
source : californiaavocado.com
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