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Get access to 145.000 fruit/veg professionals worldwide

Since 1935, Fructidor is collecting Key information on Fruit & Veg operators all over the world. Today, more than 145.000 professionals are registered, and yearly checked one by one.
The Fructidor database includes:
Buyers, Retail chain buyers, Importers, Wholesalers, Industry buyers
Suppliers as : Growers, Cooperatives, Packers, Exporters, Traders, Brokers
Also Logistics, Pre-Post Harvest companies…
Everyone who works in Fruit & Veg industry.
What information is included?
Each company comes with a minimum information as
Name of company, full address, telephone, activity, products, type of products: conventional or organic
For many companies data also include:  website, presentation, production calendars, tonnages , certifications, contact names, mobile…
How good is the information ?
Fructidor is recognized as a trustfull information provider since 1935. The family-business is operating today the biggest and best database of Fruit/Veg professionals worldwide. Fructidor team is checking manually the database every day. More than 35% of the companies data are modified from one year to another.
How comes the database?
Database always comes in print version and online access, all together.
The print version includes 5 directories for every part of the world.
The online version is accessible for 3 users and during 1 year
How to get the database?
Database is available on subscribtion. Each subscriber gets both the access online for 3 users & the 5 print directories
Price is 515 € + post (approx. US$ 550).
To know more about SUBSCRIPTION, click HERE
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