06/07/2021 | Chile

Chilean table grape exports dropped by 11%

Chilean table grape exports in the 2020-2021 campaign totaled 536,248 tons, which means a drop of 11% compared to the previous season (603.554 tons), according to ASOEX.

The decrease is due to the rains in January, which also influenced the quality of the fruit.

The product was exported mainly to the United States (256,946 tons), followed by Asia (137,751 tons), Europe (83,413 tons), Latin America (36,722 tons), Canada (14,983 tons) and the Middle East (6,432 tons).

The main market in the Asian continent for Chilean grapes was China with the receipt of 80,856 tons, followed by South Korea (23,786 tons), Japan (11,594 tons), and Indonesia (9,604 tons).

In Latin America, the main destinations were Mexico (9,196 tons), Ecuador (9,097 tons), Brazil (3,914 tons), and Colombia (2,563 tons).

In the Middle East, the fruit went mainly to Saudi Arabia (4,131 T), United Arab Emirates (1,398 T), Oman (221 T).

The first Chilean grapes for export come from the north of the country. It should be noted that 87,619 tonnes were shipped from region III (Atacama y Coquimbo), which represents an increase of 7.42% compared to the previous year. Region IV (Valparaíso) exported 117,145 tonnes, which represents an increase of 10.56%. Region V (O'Higgins) exported 111,090 tonnes which represents an increase of 5.08%. Region VI (Maule) exported 142,016 tonnes or -31% and region VII (Nuble, Biobío y La Araucanía) exported 2,704 tonnes or -23%. Finally, the Metropolitana region exported 75,663 tons or -24%.

The main exported varieties were Red Globe (139,888 T), Crimson Seedless (81,786 T), Thompson Seedless (53,321 T), and Sweet Celebration with (25,135 T), highlighting an increase of 43%.

source: asoex.cl
photo: mundoagro.cl
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