25/05/2021 | Estados Unidos de América

Meet the first world’s home compostable bag closure solution for produce industry

Fibre-Lok by Kwik Lok is the latest environmentally-friendly alternative to plastic bag closures for the produce industry. Made of natural cotton fibres and cellulose wood, it guarantees the same reliability as the traditional Kwik Lok, and at the same time, complies with European sustainability standards for plastic reduction and home compostability. 

Don Carrell, CEO of Kwik Lok, assures that Fibre-Lok is the next important step in the company's mission of moving the industry toward a sustainable future through innovation. Carrell added that Kwik Lok offers the most effective solutions on the market to achieve sustainability goals, whether it’s plastic elimination, greenhouse gas reduction or compostability. 

The European Union has directed businesses to lower their use of plastic. Fibre-Lok was designed to meet these goals without sacrificing its quality, functionality, and durability that the industry demands. 


Key Fibre-Lok features:

Fibre-Lok is 0.70 mm thick but has the strength that other Kwik Lok closures have. Its wood pulp supply comes from certified suppliers and renewable sources - Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). This certification proves that products come from responsibly managed forests that provide social, economic, and environmental benefits. 

Fibre-Lok is home compostable, unlike other solutions that are only compostable in industrial settings. It meets or exceeds all known environmental and health regulations, such as REACH, RoHS, and CA Prop 65.  

Fibre-Lok can be utilized in almost all Kwik Lok’s automatic bag closing machines without modifications. It only requires slight modifications while utilizing it in 086 machines. 


For more information, see the website or contact Kwik Lok sales representative at sales@kwiklok.com

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