25/11/2019 | India

The ban on exporting onions will be extended until February

India is the world's largest exporter of onions, its decision to ban exports will be extended, which will keep prices high in Asia and force to find other suppliers.
Decided in September the ban on exporting onions was to be lifted in mid-November according to professionals in the sector. But untimely rains, flooding the fields has damaged crops in some areas and in others delayed seeding for the next harvest.
Volumes are well below expectations. This forced the authorities to extend the ban on exporting onions until February.
This ban on sales abroad by India, the world's leading exporter of onions with 2 million tonnes per year, will help maintain high prices in Asia. Major buyers such as Bangladesh and Sri Lanka are sourcing from Myanmar, Egypt, Turkey and China.


source : reuters.com, businesstoday.in, indiatoday.in

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