19/11/2019 | Uruguay

Blueberry exports to China have started but will be difficult to grow

The Chinese market has been open since last year to blueberries from Uruguay. But Uruguayan professionals believe that exports to China will remain symbolic because of the high cost of customs duties.
A few weeks ago, a first export of blueberries went from the Carrasco airport to Shanghai. In all, 450 boxes representing 675 kilos.
For professionals in the sector, the Chinese market will not be an important destination for exports of Uruguayan blueberries. Due to high cost for customs duties which is 30%.
Faced with products from Chile and Peru that are exported to China with zero customs duties, our blueberries are virtually out of the market deplore Uruguayan professionals. They are asking the government to enter into bilateral negotiations with China to reduce or eliminate these tariffs.




source : blueberriesconsulting.com

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