07/11/2019 | China

Chinese imports continue to rise and could further increase considerably

Although economic growth has slowed in China, import data indicates that the country remains one of the most dynamic markets for fresh fruit.
In recent years fruit imports have increased rapidly and continue to grow. In 2018 China imported about 5.52 million tons of fruit valued at US $ 7.62 billion. In 2019 in the first 8 months, China imported more than 5.11 million tons of fruit worth US $ 7.32 billion.
This year the main categories of fruits in import value are fresh durian (US $1.37 billion ), fresh cherries (US $1.02 billion), bananas (US $770 million),  mangosteens (US $750 million and fresh grapes (US $ 630 million).
According to experts, fruit consumption will continue to increase steadily and imports will also increase. The standard of living has improved, the demand is growing for a greater variety of fruits, of better quality. The consumption of imported fruits has increased. Pineapples from the Philippines, Thailand durians, Chile cherries, pears from Belgium are becoming increasingly popular.
Food imports accounted for less than 10% of China's total food consumption. The potential for growth is still considerable, some experts predict that this rate could well exceed 10% and even reach 20% in the coming years.


source : news.cgtn.com, producereport.com

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