04/11/2019 | Estados Unidos de América

Potato boosts sports performance

US scientists have just demonstrated that consuming mashed potatoes during prolonged exercise maintains blood glucose levels and improves athlete's performance.
Scientists from the University of Illinois have recruited people who cycle an average of 165 miles (267 kilometers) a week. These people were divided into 3 groups according to the type of consumption during the exercise. One group consumed water, one group consumed a commercial carbohydrate gel and one group consumed an equivalent amount of carbohydrates obtained from a mashed potato.
The exercise consisted of a 120-minute course followed by a time trial. Throughout the exercise, the scientific team measured participants' blood sugar, body temperature, exercise intensity, and gastrointestinal symptoms.
Scientists found no difference between the performance of cyclists who consumed carbohydrate gels and those who consumed mashed potatoes. These 2 groups saw a significant increase in their performance compared to those who consumed only water.
"Our study is evidence that athletes can use whole-food carbohydrate sources as an alternative to commercial products to diversify their snacks during workouts or races," said Nicholas Burd, a professor of nutrition. Kinesiology and Health at the University of Illinois.



source : news illinois edu



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