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UltraView, a new inspection module to maximize grading performance, unveiled by Compac

At the PMA Fresh Summit, Compac, part of TOMRA Food, unveiled UltraView, a new inspection module that enhances their Spectrim grading platform. Manufacturer announces that UltraView is the only solution of its kind, boosting detection of stem bowl and tip defects in fruit, this will increase line efficiency for various types of fresh produce such as apples, lemons, stone fruit and avocados.

UltraView is a new inspection module that integrates with the Compac Spectrim cabinet to provide ultimate detection of defects located in the critical stem bowl and tip areas of the fruit – defects that have been traditionally difficult to detect.

The UltraView module contains a dedicated set of high-resolution multi-spectral (color and infrared) cameras and LED lights which are located ideally close to the fruit, parallel to its direction of travel. With this unique mirror-free configuration, the cameras generate superior quality images for accurate inspection of the fruit’s stem bowl and tip regions.

UltraView was field-validated in trials run through a full pack seasons at sites in the USA and New Zealand. UltraView reduces the need for manual checking of difficult. This results in improved line efficiency and lower packhouse labor requirements, as well as increasing opportunities to adopt tray-filling automation.

"UltraView takes the power of the Spectrim platform to the next level.  It improves pack accuracy and takes another step towards achieving a fully automated pack line.” said Ken Moynihan, CEO Compac. “Customers buy from Compac because they expect to run the machines for 15 years plus. UltraView demonstrates our long-term commitment to our customers, offering a modular approach to upgrading and enhance their existing Spectrim platforms, enabling them to benefit from the next level of grading accuracy and line efficiency.”

“Our goal is to maximise the value of each piece of fruit we process, and to enable our customers to operate as efficiently as possible. UltraView delivers a new level of inspection clarity, helping our customers to ensure the quality of their fruit. UltraView takes the power of the Spectrim platform to the next level.  It improves pack accuracy and takes another step in the direction of achieving a fully automated pack line.’

UltraView has initially been focused on apples with additional use cases for lemons, avocados, stone fruits, and Kiwifruit being explored.

For further information about Compac, please see www.compacsort.com.

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